The Need to Innovate Now: B2B Companies Must Improve Digital Offerings

B2B companies are now feeling the crunch. The world is changing, and it's changing fast. To stay competitive in this new world, B2B companies need to innovate quickly or they will be left behind. It's time for these businesses to step up their game with eCommerce and digital offerings that meet customer needs today rather than tomorrow!

Create a space where people can invent or create new things. You probably have someone in your organization who has an idea for how to drastically improve your business. But you're not going to hear from them because they are afraid of being punished if their idea doesn't work out. Or rejected because people don't want change.

Adopting a culture where you celebrate innovation and effort, even when it fails will create a breeding ground for innovation.

  • Invite different people to participate. Decide what problems you want to solve and create a cycle for rapid ideation, development and testing.
  • Adopt an agile approach to making digital products and optimizing processes.
  • Create an innovation center focused on customer needs and improving business operations.
  • Give employees white space to focus on innovation and process improvement.
  • Reward effort, not just results.

Customer-facing projects yield measurable results

Offer a fully integrated digital experience for customers to engage with the company across multiple channels. This will lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty while also creating an improved brand image.

There are some things that give you the most for your money:

  • Updating websites for improved usability/design based on customer feedback or competitive analysis
  • Focus on improving eCommerce capabilities in order to increase online sales/engagement  projects
  • Implementing new CRM systems that integrate seamlessly with other business operations
  • Create mobile-friendly applications that address other client challenges such as cost, budget, and efficiency tracking, as well as safety compliance and effectiveness.

Here are some excellent resources to consider, including:

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